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'Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all'

Arthur's Peak

Places you should not miss in Scotland

I have heard so many good things about Scotland before I go. Scotland has a lot to offer such as architectures, nature and whisky! Getting to the center from Edinburgh airport I flew out from London to Edinburgh as flight tickets and airport transfers were cheaper than taking a train. Getting to the city centre…

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Off to Budapest, Hungary

Budapest has the best night view among all the European capitals I have visited. Settling down in Budapest  I took Flixbus at €19 from Vienna and arrived at Budapest international bus station where you can take metro line 2 to the centre. I booked my 3 nights stay in Art Photography Hostel Budapest at only €30 for…

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10 ways to survive when travelling without a (smart)phone

I know my phone is gonna die soon. I just didn’t expect it would die during my trip. As a girl travelling alone, I heavily rely on my smartphone mainly on communication and navigation. When I was in Croatia, my phone just can’t be turned on and I tried every available method to save it but in vain,…

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Glacial lake

My Icelandic road trip

An epic road trip was on the horizon…

iceland northern lights

Iceland on a budget

Everyone should put Iceland on their bucket list. I was, in fact, hesitating whether I should make it to Iceland for this around-the-Europe trip. Iceland in November has about 5 hours of daylight only, for sure it won’t be enough to do a hike which will use up the entire day. However, I know I…

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stockholm metro

Detour to Stockholm

The main purpose of this Stockholm trip was to visit a friend that I’ve met along my trans-siberian railway adventure. Get to the city from…a no-where airport It was a last minute yet fruitful trip. I flew out from London taking Ryanair. As you may know, budget airline may land at a slightly far out airport…

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Bellever Forest

An unconventional adventure to South West England – Cornwall and Devon

I am actually very excited to write about my adventure to Cornwall and Devon! This entry is gonna be a bit long… Again, this is a last minute trip and 3 full days were totally not enough! Most people only go to London, Cambridge, Oxford, Bath and then they will say they have been to…

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48hours in Northern Wales

After spending a few weeks on and off in London, I decided to get some real fresh air. I realized I haven’t really explored other parts of the UK plus the fact that I love exploring national parks, I booked my train ticket to Betws-y-coed, the gateway to Snowdonia National Park in Wales just one…

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highest mountain in europe

Highest mountain in Europe

This meant to be a self-challenging solo travel trip so I thought why not challenge myself with a mountain, the highest mountain in Europe, Mount Elbrus? Highest Mountain in Europe Mount Elbrus, with an altitude of 5,624m (west summit) forms part of the Caucasus range in Southern Russia, near the border of Georgia. It is…

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Capital of Russia – Moscow

Moscow was the last city of my trans-siberian railway journey so I thought I should take it easy. I took the Sapsan high speed train from St. Petersburg and arrived at Moscow in about 4 hours or so. Spending 5 days in Moscow was more than enough for me. Getting around in Moscow You take…

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St. Petersburg

Venice of the North – St. Petersburg

Got off the train in the morning about 10am. My fellow passenger in the same cabin was treating me like her own daughter and was very nice to bring me to the metro station and make sure I know my way to my hostel. There are 4 train stations at STB, trains coming from Yekaterinburg…

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Ganina Yama

Between Asia and Europe – Yekaterinburg

It took me around 2 full days to arrive at Yekaterinburg which is located along the border of Asia and Europe. The primary reason that I decided to stop here for 2 days is to visit Ganina Yama and other sights in the city. The metro station is within 3 minutes walking distance from the…

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The Epiphany Cathedral

Wandering in Irkutsk

I took the same minivan from Listvyanka to Irkutsk. I got off at the central market where you can get all the local stuff at a bargain. Irkutsk can be pretty much covered the ground by walking except I took a bus outside my hostel to get to the city center. All buses cost RUB15 single trip. Irkutsk…

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Lake Baikal

50KM-walk around Lake Baikal in 2 Days

I was actually very looking forward to my first stop – Lake Baikal after 3 days non-stop (minimal walking) on the train. Getting to Lake Baikal First – Taking a tram to the minivan station From Irkutsk train station to Listvyanka, you need to take 2 public transportation if you are not going there by…

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hostels in russia

Hostels in Russia

When I almost finalized my itinerary, I started checking out the hostels. My criteria was mostly based on pricing, location, reviews and if they offer free cancellation policy. I did all my booking through booking.com. Bear in mind that most hostels in Russia, they only accept cash. Listvyanka The first hostel I stayed in Listvyanka is…

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russian railway

Life on the Trans-Siberian Train

If you take a train to Moscow without stopping, it will take you 6 days. Considering the fact that I cannot take a shower and I have enough time to make stop overs, I decided to make my first stop at Irkutsk – the gateway to Lake Baikal, the world’s largest pure water lake. Types of…

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