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Best way to get around Morocco

I was unable to find any useful and reliable transportation information online for Morocco!

Transportation between cities

Public buses are almost non-existent. Worse still, there are not many verified information online. You can’t buy tickets online even they have an so-called system on the websites. From Merzouga-Fes-Chefchaouen-Casablanca, I took so much time to research what options are available online.

How to go to Fes from Merzouga

Merzouga was where we ended our Sahara tour, normally the tour bus will take you back to Marrakech but since we wanted to go to Fes, we need to figure out our own transportation.

There’s only a night bus in Merzouga available to Fes that would cost us to waste a day. For public day bus, there are rumors that buses are available in Errachidia – I was unable to verify this.

The last option will be Grand Taxi. It is a 7-seater car, the more the merrier as you will be sharing the total cost with other passengers. The cost is also seasonal…be sure to agree on a price before getting on the car. For example, I had to pay for MAD350 from Merzouga to Fes of which MAD100 was ripped off from a guy who gave us a 5-minute ride to the “meeting point”. So it should be MAD250 per person.

How to go to Chefchaouen and Casablanca from Fes

I would suggest taking CTM Bus. There must be some problems with CTM bus website as we can’t buy tickets online.

The ticket to Chefchaouen costs MAD70, about 5 hours.

Fes CTM bus station is about 40 minutes walk from the medina (old town). It would be a disaster to wake up mad early to buy the tickets on site.

So I conducted an intensive research online.

I found out that we can buy our bus tickets from a local bus terminal (Gare Routiere Principale) near the blue gate which is about 10 minutes walk.

Head straight to the terminal building, turn left and you will see a blue CTM bus office. We got the tickets to Chefchaouen and Casablanca as well.

The bus station we got off in Chefchaouen is the same bus station we had to go to take a bus to Casablanca. It is about 20 minutes walk to the old town, uphill!

Going from Chefchaouen to Casablanca takes about 4 hours, MAD130.

Any bathroom on the bus?

No, there’s none. But the bus driver will stop at 1 – 2 places for snacks / toilet breaks. I did not pay for any toilets (following the locals). For more toilet information, click here.

Sonia • March 26, 2017

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