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Best Spa in Yangon

Best Spa in Yangon

Best Spa in Yangon

On my last day in Myanmar, I pampered myself with a Rejuvenation Package which consists of 1) body scrub 2) aroma oil massage 3) glow brightening facial. The reason for picking this treatment is to get rid of the dusty air sticking to my skin and moisturize my face after some sunburn.

Check out what I did in Yangon.

Inya Day Spa

Inya Day Spa is the first spa centre open in Yangon by Damien who is an Asian American spending 9 years in Myanmar. They have 2 centres in Yangon, one located at the leafy Inya Road and the new one is just in the newly open Junction City Centre. Damien had intensive training in Bangkok before he opened the first centre. There were no spa or massage wellness centre at all when Damien opened it. We had the chance to briefly introduce our background and it happened we both worked in Yahoo! Before, in different countries, Ha!

Inya Day Spa is committed to providing the highest service to every customer under a clean and relaxing environment. (which is truly reflected in my treatment).

Completely Rejuvenated

I picked the Rejuvenation Package which consists of body scrub, aroma oil massage and glow brightening facial. After a month of traveling, I could really use some scrub to clean my body.

The treatment started with body scrub then a shower, followed by aroma oil massage to rehydrate the skin. My room is overlooking the market so curtains were on.

Then I moved on to another room to receive the glow brightening facial. The therapist cleaned my face thoroughly before using the electro-osmosis machine. The skincare product that they are using is Thalgo, a well-known French brand. I don’t quite remember the next steps because I fell asleep. When I woke up, my therapist was applying moisturizing products on my skin.

Their therapists are very attentive and polite. I felt refreshed afterwards and my last few hours in Yangon was definitely well-spent!

Pamper yourself when you’re in Yangon!

Sonia • August 19, 2017

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