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Best Spa in Bangkok

How can I miss a spa treatment while traveling in Southeast Asia which is a place you can get good deals!?

Travelers flew to Bangkok looking forward to spoiling themselves with budget-friendly massages on the city’s streets. While cheap, these options are often unprofessional and disappointing. While I understand some travelers prefer not to spend too much, so getting a spa treatment at one of Bangkok’s luxury hotels is a no go.

Having said that, you are in Bangkok. You can’t leave without having a massage/spa treatment to pamper yourself! So for a fraction of the cost of a quality massage in Hong Kong, spending a bit more in one of the reputable spa centers, a good balance between local massage shops and hotel spa center is the best choice for anyone in need of a little retreat.

Spa experience in Bangkok

I didn’t do much research about this because there are way too many spa centers to compare to in Bangkok.

I went with So Thai Spa which has two branches in Bangkok and one in Phuket and London.

It is located in a quiet neighbourhood which is only 15 minutes taxi away from Chong Nongsi – where I stayed in Bangkok. Songkran was still on-going, I took a taxi to save myself from getting soaked!

So Thai Spa Treatment

I was greeted by the staff and offered a glass of cold tea which was all I need under this crazy heat.

I picked the 4-hour So Thai Luxury spa package which comes with a foot massage, gold body scrub, aroma oil massage, head massage and a choice of herbal ball or spa facial.

It was pretty standard to start with my feet first – rinsing and massaging. Next, the therapist applied body scrub to my entire body and a quick hot shower was followed!

I thought it will be a continuous 4 hours treatment and I was hoping to have some snacks… So Thai Spa threw me a little surprise! I saw pineapple crackers, watermelon, hot tea and cold water were served! LoL.  It totally saved me because I only had a banana for breakfast!

After this little break, the second portion was a calming, full-body aromatic oil massage, including a head massage. You will be offered to choose your own aroma oil out of jasmine, aloe vera, rice, lavender and leelavadee. I picked aloe vera as I could really use some moisturizing gel to soothe my sunburnt that I got from Koh Tao!

The treatment ended with a herbal ball compress session which is a perfect method to soothe the soreness and tiredness of my body!

It was actually my last day in Bangkok before I headed to Myanmar for a few weeks. This treatment was very rejuvenating and refreshing!

They currently have promotion for 2 people which is a bargain. For details, click here.

Sonia • May 10, 2017

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