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Inle Lake

Best Lodging in Inle Lake

Before I share my Inle Lake experience, I have to let everyone know about this amazing hotel which is also a non-governmental organization. Most trekking starting from Kalaw will end at Inle Lake. Our trekking costs come with a boat taking us to our next destination.

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Inle Heritage in Lake Inle

The Inle Heritage Stilt Houses lie in picturesque Innpawkhon, an hour boat ride away from Nyaung Shwe. Accessible only by boat, the friendly staff welcome you with big smiles and open arms. Such hospitality is not a coincidence. Since 2014, Inle Heritage is also a successful vocational centre providing free hospitality training to eligible youth from the region and beyond. A registered NGO, it currently has 46 students aged 17 to 24 years old, living and learning on site for 10 months.

Burmese cat project

But that’s not all. Inle Heritage Stilt Houses also runs an exciting cat breeding project aimed at reintroducing the long-lost Burmese cat to the country. Guests can visit the happy purrers at the ‘cat village’, an area adjacent to the Inle Heritage aquarium where endangered and threatened species of local fish and turtles were saved from over-fishing and decreasing water quality.

Authentic cooking class

Inle Heritage also provides cooking class where all the funds raised from it will go towards the heritage work they are working on. The cooking classes will take you through a complete experience: sourcing exclusive Inle ingredients. Then you will learn to prepare traditional dishes in their classrooms. Right opposite to the cooking classroom is their herbs and vegetables garden which boasts the freshest produce in the region.

Inle Heritage Hotel

The Stilt Houses bungalows have a fairy tale like quality, offering comfort, beauty and serenity to those looking for the ideal escape from the city. Kitchen staff will treat you to a wide range of breakfast options from traditional Shan noodles to Burmese pancakes and continental delicacies.

As a provider of education, community support and nature preservation projects, the Inle Heritage Hotel is difficult to fault. And with plans to extend from 6 bungalows to 10, this will remain a perfect safe haven for travelers for years to come. Book yourself in soon before this well kept secret is no longer!

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Sonia • June 20, 2017

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